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ABERBACH, JOEL D, - PETERSON, MARK A, : Institutions of American Democracy - The Executive Branch / Oxford, 2005

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The presidency and the agencies of the executive branch are deeply interwoven with other core institutions of American government and politics, While the framers of the Constitution granted power to the president, they likewise imbued the legislative and judicial branches of government with the powers necessary to hold the executive in check, The Executive Branch, edited byJoel D, Aberbach and Mark A, Peterson, examines the delicate and shifting balance among the three branches of government, which is constantly renegotiated as political leaders contend with the public's paradoxical sentiments-yearning for strong executive leadership yet fearing too much executive power, and welcoming the benefits of public programs yet uneasy about, and indeed often distrusting, big government,

The Executive Branch, a collection of essays by some of the nation's leading political scientists and public policy scholars, examines the historical emergence and contemporary performance of the presidency and bureaucracy, as well as their respective relationships with the Congress, the courts, political parties, and American federalism, Presidential elections are defining moments for the nation's democracy-by linking citizens directly to their government, elections serve as a mechanism for exercising collective public choice, After the election, however, the work of government begins and involves elected and appointed political leaders at all levels of government, career civil servants, government contractors, interest organizations, the media, and engaged citizens, The essays in this volume delve deeply into the organizations and politics that make the executive branch such a complex and fascinating part of American government,

The volume provides an assessment from the past to the present of the role and development of the presidency and executive branch agencies, including analysis of the favorable and problematic strategies, and personal attributes, that presidents have brought to the challenge of leadership, It examines the presidency and the executive agencies both separately and together as they influence-or are influenced by-other major institutions of American government and politics, with close attention to how they relate to civic participation and democracy,
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Cikkszám / ISBN: 9780195309157
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Directory of Contributors
General Introduction: The Executive Branch as an Institution of American Constitutional Democracy by Jaroslav Pelikan
Introduction: Presidents and Bureaucrats: The Executive Branch and American Democracy by Joel D, Aberbach andMark A, Peterson

SECTION I, The Historical and Comparative Context
1, The Evolution of the Presidecy: Between the Promise and the Fear by Scott C, James
2, The Evolution of National Bureaucracy in the United States by Daniel Carpenter
3, Giving Direction to Government in Comparative Perspective by Richard Rose

SECTION II: Presidental Behaviour and the Institutions of the Presidency
4, Presidential Elections and American Democracy by Stephen J, Wayne
5, The Executive Office of the President: The Paradox of Politicization by Matthew J, Dickinson
6, Communicating from the White House: Presidential Narrowcasting and the National Interest by Lawrence R, Jacobs
7, The Person of the President, Leadership, and Greatness by Fred I, Greenstein

SECTION III: The People and Politics of the Executive Agencies
8, The Complex Organization of the Executive Branch: The Legacies of Competing Approaches to Administration by Colin Campbell
9, The Federal Public SErvice: The People and the Challenge by Patricia W, Ingraham
10, Caught in the MIddle: The President, Congress, and the Political-Bureaucratic System by Barry R, Weingast
11, Reforming the Executive Branch of the U,S, Government by Donald F, Kettl

SECTION IV: The President, Executive Agencies, and the Institution of Policy Making
12, Executive Power and Political Parties: The Dilemmas of Scale in AMerican Democracy by Sidney M, Milkis
13, The Executive Branch and the Legislative Process by Andrew Rudalevige
14, The Courts, Jusiprudence, and the Executive Branch by R, Shep Melnick
15, Federalism and the Executive Branch by Thomas Gais and James Fossett

SECTION V: The Past and Future of the Executive Branch
16, Control and Accountability: Dilemmas of the Executive Branch by Joel D, Aberbach and Mark A, Peterson


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